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Winter & Northern Lights Photography

The perfect winter adventure for amateur and hobby photographers and nature lovers

Are you curious about what it will be like to be in a place with short days and long nights? During the darkest time of the Icelandic winter the sun barely skirts the horizon; daytime has the feel of constant dusk, as if time were suspended. And then suddenly the sun drops below the horizon, and you’ve got hours of darkness ahead of you. But even without the midnight sun, the skies in Iceland are on fire – because Iceland’s northern location turns on one of the most amazing light shows in the world: the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis – shimmering dancing curtains of green, yellow and blue light. Sometimes even red.

Would you like to combine your interest in travel, photography and nature with a winter visit to Iceland? To explore this unique landscape together with other international photography fans from all over the globe? This is a tour where you can share knowledge, tricks and techniques with others and perhaps improve your own photography. We bring you to interesting places to explore fascinating landscape, show you the hidden secrets here and there and suggest spots to shoot the best pictures.

Our professional tour guide is also a hobby photographer and will help ordinary people snap stunning natural spectacles while travelling through Iceland in wind, rain, sleet, snow and sunshine. This tour is a perfect winter adventure for amateur and hobby photographers and nature lovers. You go to exceptional places, where you can take plenty of time to explore and photograph winter scenery, lava fields, volcano craters, hot springs, geysers, waterfalls, sea shores, mountains, lakes, fishing villages, farms, light houses and anything else that captures your fancy. There are stops at Iceland’s most popular places like the Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle. But we also take you off the beaten track – staying in several remote locations, away from where most tourists usually travel. Good photography needs enough time to explore each place, to adapt to the weather and light situation – you have all that as well as time to relax and soak in geothermal hot pools. Despite the winter, Iceland is not always covered in snow – you experience Iceland in a variety of weather conditions with the opportunity to photograph extreme landscapes in ever changing colors. Because it’s so far north, the low sun and varied weather conditions create exceptionally beautiful light and contrasts. The rosy dawn, the blue of the clouds scurrying across the sky, the days end in a frozen waterfall, the color of the air and the light is uniquely beautiful. The Icelandic winter sky and clouds sometimes look like paintings. Plus, short days mean you can photograph sunrise without getting up too early. Last but not least we search for the Northern Lights and try to capture them “on film”. From dawn to dark, Iceland’s light invites to revel in its beauty. This tour is aimed for nature lovers, adventurers and amateur photographers. No experience in photography is required and any type of digital photo camera is suitable. Important, bring a tripod along for Northern Lights photography!